Monday, May 4, 2015

sadie hawkins

I helped plan the one and only Sadie Hawkins dance of my high school career.
The theme: Western
The attire: matching flannel shirts and western wear (I wore birks 'cause I didn't have any boots.)
The event status: big flop 
Not like Sadie Hawkins 2015. The theme. The costumes. The planning. All so much better now!
The theme this year was Movies.

At the dance, Molly and her date won first prize for Best Animated Movie Couple!
Olive Oyl's costume was pretty fun and simple to put together: red t-shirt. white collar cut from felt and attached in back with ribbon. black skirt with yellow ribbon ironed on. black boots. Popeye was in charge of his own costume and it turned out to be perfectly paired with Olive's. 
Popeye + Olive Oyl, Carl + Ellie Fredricksen ("Up"), 
Wesley + Princess Buttercup
After the photos, everyone came to our house for make-your-own-grilled-pizzas and italian sodas. This was a fun group! 
All photos by Wesley's mom, Sarah Goodman photography.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the living room and gallery wall

I am always thinking about potential projects for our home. Mark is always thinking about the end dates for those projects. We have lived in this home for ten years and he is still wondering if/when there will ever be an end to any of it. 
In my mind, a home is ever-evolving. So no end date.
In Mark's mind, that is a little slice of insanity.
My most recent project was to hang this gallery wall in our living room. I just used frames we already had and spray painted a few gold and a few black. I spent the better part of a Saturday laying it all out on the floor and then hanging them up with the help of my laser tool.
Mark came home and said, "This is the best our living room has looked in ten years!"
I am glad he likes it. And no doubt, he thinks this is the end. I do think it will stay for awhile, but I have plans to add more photos up to the ceiling and down to the floor, and probably change out the pictures every so often.
The opposite wall is flanked with three large mirrors. 
At some point, I will get tired of this wall and want to completely change it. Probably take it all down and repaint, etc. In fact, I am planning on it. The only constant is change. 
Just a few shots of our planked entry walls and new light from Lucent Light shop on Etsy.  
(Both of which Mark loves, thank you very much.)
Frames: Target, Ikea and West Elm.
Accessories: Target and Home Goods.
Pink chair found on Craigslist in its original fabric.
Paint is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. (Looks more blue here than it really is).

Thursday, January 8, 2015

winter formal happened

Hosting ten teens for their Winter Formal dinner was the best. A little stressful, but mostly just enjoyable to listen to their laughter and conversations. I loved it. This was a girl's choice dance so they planned the whole thing and did all the driving/picking-up of the dates. I didn't get to see firsthand the always-awkward pinning of boutonnieres and corsages at the boy's house, or group photos at the nearby wash. But I did get to welcome them into our home for games and food. It was awesome.  
One of the boys was not present for the photo shoot. He was off winning a tennis tournament, and so his date, far left, was trying to look pouty and mad for this shot. Maybe she really was upset, but she handled it gracefully. The photographer was a friend from the neighborhood who has her own little photography business. She did a great job! And eventually, the tennis champion arrived late for dinner. Bummer for the photo shoot tho.
Also, everyone is so color coordinated. None of that was planned, except for between couples. Kind of fun when it's accidental.
The dinner menu:
Make Your Own Italian Cream Soda
Penne Alfredo with Chicken or Angel Hair Pomodoro 
(both from Rosati's) Took a friend's advice to not stress about the main dishes. So glad I did that!
Green Salad with Homemade Creamy Italian Vinaigrette
Homemade Garlic Rolls
Roasted Carrots
Oh, and Jonah and Owen were my waiters - they dressed up in white shirts and bow ties, but I didn't get a good photo of them. Darn. They did a great job and got to make Italian Sodas to their hearts' content as payment.
After dinner and lots of laughter playing Apples to Apples, the group headed out to another house to decorate sugar cookies and watch Elf. Eventually they made it to the dance too.
And now I must thank you for making it all the way through this photo marathon.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

sure, it's Christmas, but...

I can't forget Halloween. I mean, I can. It was months ago. But I must document costumes. I was commissioned by my children to make three of these. For the others, I was just a contributing donor. Can you guess which ones I made?
Old school photo strip.
Viking Lumberjack.
Jedi Master.
Vintage batman. The costume that keeps on giving. 
(See this year. And this year. But not this year.)
Mary Poppins.
One of my mom's student's made this hat and detachable beard. It is awesome! Jonah has used it for many school projects. Did you know that Caesar Augustus had a long black beard? Me neither.
Grace had already left for a party at this point.
And Rosie. She's just riveting. And blurry.
Merry Christmas!