Monday, October 13, 2014

many photos. one quilt.

We just returned from London and the jet lag is casting its vote for sleep. But this quilt is finished, and by golly, what better time than now to blog again after my quasi summer-hiatus.
This quilt was inspired by the design of this one and the colors of this one. My nephew, Golden, is the long overdue recipient.
 Can't forget the back.
I snagged this insty from my sister. Love to see baby and quilt living in harmony. I think the colors are more true in this photo. The black looks black, and the navy looks navy. And how cute is that boy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

end of summer

With so much filling up our summer days, I have lots to update. Most recently...
At a family party a few weeks ago, George hit his eye on a marble fireplace at his cousins' house. We ended up in the ER, but it was quick, thanks to our in-laws' in-law, who works in the ER and was also at the party. He called ahead and got us right in, with no wait. We were also very grateful no stitches were necessary - only glue.
All the kids have been in school for several weeks now, except for Hank and George. They start preschool in September and are getting pretty excited, although I don't really think they know what to expect. New backpacks are in order and that is worth getting pumped about!
 Jonah and Grace are in junior high together this year.
Owen is alone at the elementary school in 3rd grade. He loves being the only one, which I thought would be an issue for him. Not even a worry. He's already sad that next year Hank and George will join the carpool.
Sweet niece Madalyn (in the middle) left for her mission to Rome, Italy! 
My side of the family had a fun reunion at the Nielsons' cabin in Pinetop, AZ. We were all there, which was awesome in itself, but my mom planned so many fun things for everyone and it made it that much better!
The swings were a favorite pastime. 
My brothers.
 Mummy wrapping game.
 My sister taking a test jump at Sunrise Ski resort. We did lots more of this at more thrilling heights, but I must get video from Mark to prove it. So fun!
My cute niece, Alice turned 5!
 Walks around the almost dry lake.
 Crafting creations.
 Marshmallow gluttony on our way to church.
And finally, we left for Pinetop with our bathroom like this:
And returned to fresh new paint, (Lower bathroom cabinets are soon to be painted white)

And our newly planked entry...
...was painted too.
And almost the whole house got a fresh coat of paint, including all the doors and trim. Now the house looks so clean and fresh. I love it! If only it could stay that way.
I can't wait to get everything back in order and take some better pics to share.

Sunday, June 8, 2014



While looking through some videos for the young women lesson I taught in church today, I came upon this one again. I can watch it over and over, and still feel the power of its awesome message. If you haven't seen it, Because of Him is the best 2 minutes and 45 seconds you will spend today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

a new tradition and photo overload

In April, we made good on a plan we've had in the works for years: Take each child to General Conference when they are 12 years old. Just mom and dad and one child. I don't know why it took so long to enact this plan, but I'm sure glad we were 4 years late.
Molly is now pushing 16, and she was the first benefactor. She was much more excited about the trip than she would have been at 12. She appreciated the effort. She listened. She took fastidious notes. She enjoyed the music and the sights much more than her younger self would have. So I'm thinking about bumping the age to at least 14 for the rest of the kids. That's called a parental prerogative. Sorry kids.
Molly and I flew to Salt Lake City on Friday afternoon. Rode the Trax public train (super easy for our first time) to our downtown hotel. Mark met us much later that night after he could get away from work. In the mean time, we shopped and ate and had a great time at City Creek shopping center, which was a quick walk from our hotel.
Mark's dad met us for lunch on Saturday. It was great to spend time with him.
Fortuitously, we stumbled upon the cast of Studio C. They were just finishing up an autograph event at Deseret Book. I'm sure they were annoyed that we wanted to keep them just a little longer for some photos, but they were gracious and accommodating. However (in the photo below) I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me and my failed attempts to play "Do you know?..." with Matt. Or maybe Mark said something funny. I don't remember. Probably the former.
Joseph Smith Memorial Building 
We watched one of the conference sessions in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. The benches were more uncomfortable than I remember from my last visit to conference 20 years ago. Hmmm....funny how that works.
Salt Lake is seriously so beautiful in the spring.
My sisters both live in Provo and they drove up to meet us for dinner and more shopping. The cousins had a braiding bonding moment with Molly. Their handiwork was fabulous, though there was some pulling and ripping involved in the removal of all these ponies.
Emily, Me, Abby and Golden
Sunday morning, we had tickets to be in the Conference Center. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I cannot express how touching the music was! The Tabernacle Choir took my breath away and I could not look away when they sang. I was completely in the moment and it was so so good. My favorite song was a new arrangement of "Let Us All Press On." Cannot get enough of that song. Download it here.
I love this shot of Molly and Mark and the throngs of people pouring out of the conference center.
Lots of missionaries and lots of languages back at Temple Square.
Sunday afternoon we were back on a plane and heading home. Such a quick trip and so perfect! Many thanks to my mom and dad who stayed home with our other kids. They can never get enough of Nana and Papa!